July 2018 Newsletter


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July 2018 Newsletter


First News Letter!
Greetings to our Sensor Check friends.  Tim and I are very excited to be reaching out for the first time with our newsletter. Our goal will be to send this on a monthly basis and to include Sensor Check and related news, a highlighted feature of the month, as well as other information of interest.   Suggestions for the newsletter AND for our solution and services are always welcome.  We look forward to staying in touch and hearing back!


Customer Success Stories
Please send your success stories and we will share one every month.  This month’s success comes from Chuck Batt, CEO of CB Enterprises, the leading frozen-food fundraising provider in Virginia. Chuck writes, “Sensor check has been a great investment for our business. Prior to Sensor Check no one would seem to notice that the temperature was increasing slightly until it was too late and product would be compromised. Now with Sensor Check we get early warning notification via text that the temperature is rising and we can alert our technician well in advance. For me it seemed that every vacation is when our freezer would have issues, now I can view the temperature 24/7 anywhere in the world on my cell phone, even at the beach. Ironically since I’ve had sensor check no break downs have occurred while on my vacations but I sleep better knowing my product is safe and is been monitored 24/7. Sensor Check has eliminated my stress of worrying about our freezer breaking down when no one is around.”


Feature Spotlight:  Weekly Comparison Reporting
Last month we introduced a new feature for one of our customers called Comparison Reporting.   Any sensor can now be compared day-over-day, week-over-week, or month over month to itself.   In the chart shown here a refrigerator (Current in blue) is compared to itself one week prior (in orange).   Look on the portal (portal.sensorcheck.us) under Reports | Sensor Reports, and the Compare checkbox.   We LOVE to hear about new features from you.   Please give us a call with your great ideas!


Referral Program
Starting this month we are offering our customers a one-month subscription credit to you (one month completely free!) for any referral who tries out our solution at their location. Sensor Check’s solution can help businesses save money and time as well as prevent loss and downtime.  Please help spread the word about the benefits of automated temperature monitoring with Sensor Check, and let us say “Thank You” with this savings!


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