The Sensor Check Temperature Monitoring System

The Sensor Check Temperature Monitoring System provides a powerful, inexpensive wireless solution for continuously monitoring the temperature and power in any refrigerated unit, location, or zone that is important to your business. Our fully cellular and wi-fi enabled solution lets you track the temperatures of your commercial refrigeration wherever you are. With no installation costs and a 10-hour battery life, you will know when there is a problem, even in a power outage. On-premise temperatures are highly visible, and can also be checked wherever you go through our iPhone and Android apps. Combined with instant alerts, you’ll know about problems with enough time to address them before refrigerated content is damaged or lost.

Benefits of the Sensor Check Temperature Monitoring System

The Sensor Check Temperature Monitoring System (TMS) has been designed to make sure that it returns value from day-one, and increases its value to the business over time. Every feature reflects this goal, from the quick wireless installation and instant real-time alerts to the built-in trending and reporting. Every benefit contributes to efficiencies and real cost savings for your business.  These include:

  • Savings in time and money through automated logging and reporting
  • Savings on business liability insurance premiums
  • Savings on food loss by catching failing refrigeration in time
  • Quicker approval from health inspectors
  • Increased regulatory compliance (FSMA, USDA and others)
  • Increased employee awareness of refrigeration temperatures and trends over time
  • Self-documenting corrective actions for audit compliance
  • Peace of mind from knowing that your refrigeration equipment is working.
  • Confidence in your product from knowing that it remained safe!

Features of The Sensor Check Temperature Monitoring System

The Sensor Check Temperature Monitoring System provides a powerful and inexpensive wireless solution for continuously monitoring the temperature and power in any refrigerated unit, location or zone that is important to your business.   Built-in features include:

  • Easy wireless installation
  • No holes, no electrical wiring
  • Wifi and cellular support
  • Continuous automated monitoring
  • Continuous automated data logging
  • 5-year battery-powered sensors
  • Highly visible onsite temperature readings
  • Powerful alerts via email or SMS/text
  • Powerful charting and correlations
  • Customized inspection reporting
  • Supply chain visibility reports
  • Printer / Fax (hardcopy) support
  • Nightly summary reports via email
  • Corrective action tracking
  • Resolution tracking
  • Smartphone apps
  • Trending reports
  • Verification and Calibration
  • Unlimited archives
  • Unlimited users

Sensor Check Collector

The Sensor Check Collector is the keystone to Sensor Check’s Temperature Monitoring System. It provides the following features and benefits:

  • Support for wifi and cellular transmission.
  • Centralized collection for up to 8 sensors.
  • Clearly visible sensor readings in the coverage zone.
  • Instant understanding of alerts in progress.
  • Sensor health, including signal and battery strength.
  • Built-in battery backup for up to 10 hours of operation.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Diagnostic logging.

Industrial-Strength Sensors

Sensor Check uses durable, reliable sensors from Estimote which are sealed in silicone rubber and ready to provide long-lasting support in a wide range of environments. Features include:

  • wireless and pre-configured
  • up to five-year battery life
  • real-time sensor transmissions
  • easy to install in any area

Unlimited Viewers

There are many ways to monitor your devices including:

  • Sensor Check Viewer app
  • Sensor Check desktop monitors
  • Sensor Check Emails
  • Sensor Check Portal

Each of these comes with the Sensor Check solution and provides unlimited use for your organization.

Unlimited Reporting

Reporting is a powerful feature of Sensor Check’s framework.   It includes:

  • Unlimited instant reporting and charting.
  • Correlation reporting for deeper analysis
  • Daily visualization through the click of one button
  • Live charting for situations in progress.
  • Nightly emails with charts and statistics.
  • Monthly Archives and chart snapshots.

Unlimited Alerts

At the heart of Sensor Check monitoring are powerful alerts. These include:

  • Temperature Alerts
  • Power Alerts
  • System Alerts

Alerts can be received through email and SMS/text. Their frequency and sensitivity can be fine tuned through Alert Rules. The alert itself is logged and can include all automated and manual corrective actions taken to resolve the alerted situation.

Unlimited History

History is very important for audits and compliance.   Sensor Check provides monthly archives of all detail data, all alerts, as well as chart snapshots.   There is no limit and all of it is at your fingertips.

How does it work?

Sensor Check utilizes sophisticated sensors from Estimote.   These are tiny computers with a powerful ARM processor, memory, Bluetooth, and various sensors.    Powered by a coin battery, they broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas.

Smart devices such as an iPad running the Sensor Check Collector application can then receive the data and take action.

Sensor Check’s cloud provides powerful real-time analysis, historical reporting and ad-hoc charting.  Built on Amazon Web Services and Internet of Things standards, it can scale over time to meet all of your needs.

Alerts are delivered in real-time based on email and SMS preferences. Reports can be viewed from any platform and are print-friendly. Archives are unlimited and in raw data and report formats.