A Powerful, Inexpensive Celluar Solution for Automated Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

  • Track temperatures any time, anywhere
  • Temperature alerts that help avoid food loss
  • Automated logging & reporting save time & money
  • Savings on business liability insurance premiums
  • Savings from possible food losses
  • Positive feedback from health inspectors
  • Increased food safety & regulator compliance
  • Increased awareness of refrigeration temperatures & trends
  • No need to go in during unattended times

Peace of mind from knowing that your refrigerationequipment is working. Confidence in your product from knowing that it remained safe!


  • Built in cellular with data plan
  • 4-day battery backup
  • Industrial strength sensors for long-lasting support in a wide range of environments
  • Power & system alert via email or text
  • Easy viewing from smart phone app & web
  • Unlimited instant reporting & charting, including analytics, correlation & trending
  • Monthly archives of all detail data, all alerts & chart snapshots
  • Corrective actions for audit compliance

Tech Specs

  • Easy installation
  • Up to 100 feet wire length for each sensor
  • Up to 3 wired sensors per hub
  • Visible LED temperature readout
  • USB power with 4-day battery backup
  • Durable shell with flanges for easy mount
  • Built-in & preconfigured cellular

Improving food safety and reducing food waste through automated refrigeration temperature monitoring!