Improving Refrigerated Food Safety Through Automated Temperature Monitoring

Food Safety for all ingredients begins with proper food storage.   This is even more important for refrigerated and frozen foods. Knowing (and proving) that your food has been safely stored requires continuous record keeping. In addition, avoiding food spoilage from unexpected breakdowns and power outages requires automatic alerting. Automated refrigeration temperature monitoring solutions address these challenges by continuously comparing refrigeration air temperatures with defined safety thresholds.  This data provides the foundation for automated logging and alerting.   The Sensor Check® Temperature Monitoring System builds on this foundation with additional powerful features including:

  • Wireless, easy installation.
  • Alert rules based on the time of day.
  • Power outage detection.
  • Trend detection for slowly rising temperatures.
  • Built-in cellular with data plan (wifi not required).
  • Nightly summary email reports.

Sensor Check’s Temperature Monitoring System is helping businesses catch issues, stay ahead of repairs, prevent thousands of dollars in lost product, and most importantly keep refrigerated food safe!   Here are a few customer testimonials from businesses that have benefited from Sensor Check.

If you have been thinking about automated refrigeration temperature monitoring for your business please call us at 703-988-9476 to learn more, or click here to request a demo.

Wishing you the best with your refrigeration and food safety efforts!
Tim Smith, Co-Founder, Sensor Check, LLC

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