Cool Flowers are Sleeping Beauties

Cool Flowers are Sleeping Beauties

Once upon a time…” florists wondered if their flowers were staying fresh in their coolers and refrigerators. Sometimes if the temperatures went too hot or too cold the flowers would wilt or turn brown shortly after they were delivered to the customers.

Stories have been relayed through the years about optimal flower storage temperatures. These are not Fairy Tales, they are proven through scientific studies.  Take for example the American Floral Endowment Special Report by Professor M.S Reid, University of California and Professor T.A. Nell, University of Florida,  and the affects of cooling.   In their study a Gerbera daisy (pictured here) is shown one day after five days of storage at different temperatures.

For most non-tropical flowers the best sleeping temperatures are between 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit and tropical flowers are best stored between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything colder or warmer will cause the flowers a reduced vase life and quality. And an unhappy ending to the flowers story.

The Sensor Check Temperature Monitoring System(TM) can come to the rescue in this Temperature Tale. With our automated alerting system, easy to use wireless sensors, easy to install system you will know right away what temperatures are touching those precious, beautiful petals. These temperatures can be checked when you are not even near the flowers and therefore knowing before the temperatures go too low so something can be done to save them all from damage.

Happy endings for everyone in this Floral temperature story. The Florist is happy because they know their flowers are fresh and beautiful in the coolers. The customer is even happier because they know that these are the best, freshest most beautiful flowers they have ever seen and they will come back again and again.

The moral of the story, with automated temperature monitoring in place Florists can choose the very best storage temperatures with confidence!

“The End”

* Report #409: The Three C’s of Success with Fresh Cut Flowers – Cooling, used with permission from the American Floral Endowment.